Our Clinic is open 6 days a week as follows:

Monday to Friday:9:30am ~ 6:00pm
Saturday:10:00am ~ 3:00pm
Sunday, Holiday:Closed

** If you are not available to come during the regular hours, please contact us. With 24 hours’ notice, we can arrange the time during the off-hours.


Treatment Fee (Tax included)

Initial Diagnosis$50
Acupuncture& Cupping 1 session-$100
10 series-$800
Herbal medicine Basic: $10 per day
Tonifying: $15 per day
Immune-boosting (공진단): $30/pill
Acupoint Injection course
1. Weight Loss 1 session-$90
10 series-$800
2. Lipo Dissolve (belly jelly)$300
3. Detox1 session-$60
5 series-$250
4. Face rejuvenation1 session-$60
10 series-$500
6. Pain1 session-$150
5 series-$600
7. Growth1 session-$90
10 series-$800